I Choose Birmingham is a free weekly email sent out to 19,000 ABC1 readers every Thursday.

Yes, we do have a website (you're on it now, isn't it shiny?) but the real success story is the weekly email. It's become the lifestyle bible for Brum's professionals.

You can see examples of our weekly email here

Email works because it's proactive. We land in the inboxes of people who have asked us to land in their inboxes. They read, they click, they buy and they attend. There really isn't a publication with a more engaged audience in the West Midlands. Why? Because it's written well. There are social media accounts with bigger followings (not many, actually) but nobody converts to sales like we do. We offer laser-guided access to the ABC1 populace of this thriving city. There's no hit-and-hope here. No carpet bombing. Just focused, effective targeting and delivery. 

Businesses we’ve worked with:

What to do next:

To find out more about working with us, speak to Tom. He's the founder of this company. A writer and editor by trade, he's worked for some of the UK's biggest magazines. He's not a salesman. No hard sell here and no endless phone calls chasing you up. Just a clear one-off description of what we do and why it works. Email him on tom@ichoosebirmingham.com or call him  on 075 0000 9430. And yes, he does like how many zeroes he has in his phone number. Frankly, he doesn't seem to shut up about it.